Damselfly (9) – Onychargia atrocyana (藍彩細蟌)

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Shorttail
Status : Uncommon
Location : Singapore Botanical Gardens, Holland Woods, Lornie Trail

This uncommon damselfly is also known as the Shorttail in Singapore as it has an unusually short abdomen.  The male looks almost black in colour while the female has brown coloured thorax with creamy white stripes.  A mating pair was first spotted at Singapore Botanical Gardens in Jan 2008. Unfortunately it was not well taken as I just started learning photography at that time.

(A mating pair – Singapore Botanical Gardens, 21 Jan 2008)

A few months later in Jul 2008, a female was found at Holland Wood.

(Female – Holland Woods, 2 Jul 2008)

It was fairly cooperative allowing me to take some close-up shots.

(Female close-up – Holland Woods, 2 Jul 2008)

I have seen a mating pair again this time at Lornie Trail Board Walk in 2011 but they flew away before I could properly set up my equipment.


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