Dragonfly (11) – Orthetrum luzonicum [呂宋蜻蜓]

Family : Libellulidae
Common name : Slender Blue Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : Venus Drive

A common species which are usually found around ponds, open streams & forest edges. The colour of the male changes as it grows.  The older males have overall blue in colour including its eyes.

Orthetrum luzonicum (M)

The younger males have a dark thorax with yellow bands on the dorsum.

(Young Male – Segar Road, 3 Jan 09)

The immature males have yellowish brown in colour, similar to the females.

(Immature male – Venus Drive, 19 Apr 08)

(Female – Venus Drive, 2 Aug 2008)

This dragonfly species is relatively easy to approach and photograph.  I was lucky to spot a mating pair.

(Mating – Venus Drive, 6 Jan 2009)

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