Damselfly (15) – Copera marginipes [黃狹扇蟌]

Family : Platycnemidae
Common name : Yellow Featherlegs
Status : Common
Location : Chestnut Ave, Segar Road, Venus Drive, Jurong Woods II

This is classified as a common species but not many of us have seen or phogographed it in Singapore. The male has beautiful yellowish thorax, a black obdomen with white marking on it.

(Male – Chestnut Ave, 4 Aug 2009)

The male was first spotted at a stream near Venus Drive but I did not manage to get any shot as it was difficult to approach. Two males were seen perching in a drain near Segar Road few week later. I managed to get some record shots but was still unable to get closer to it. I finally captured a better shot when I found the male again at a stream along Chestnut Avenue Bicycle Trail. This time, the female which has an overall black thorax and obdomen was also found nearby.

(Female – Chestnut Avenue, 17 Aug 2009)

When I revisited the place again 2 day later, a juvenile was found. It has a unique overall white in colour.

(Juvenile – Chestnut Ave, 6 Aug 2009)

My recent sighting of this species where the juvenile, male, female as well as 2 mating pairs were spotted at a small muddy stream at Jurong Woods II on 21 Aug 2010.

(Mating – Chestnut Ave, 26 Aug 2009)

2 comments on “Damselfly (15) – Copera marginipes [黃狹扇蟌]

  1. I am Japanese who visited Singapore by the travel the other day. Insect’s of the dragonfly and the butterfly, etc. photographs are done by the hobby. Some insects’ photographs were taken also in Singapore. All photographs on your site are only wonderful. This time, it becomes reference when going to Singapore. I want to visit Singapore by all means one of these days again. The site of my blog is here. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/tyshit

  2. Thanks for viewing and comments. I have viewed your blog and you have some nice dragonflies there too. It’s nice to share our interest and experience in nature photography. A pity that I don’t quite understanding Japanese language ;-(

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