Damselfly (20) – Aciagrion hisopa

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common name : Blue Slim
Status : Very Rare
Location : Chestnut Ave

I went to Chestnut Ave to search for the unique Lestes Praemorsus Decipiens on 1 Aug 2009.  I did not find it but I saw this very rare species instead.  I did not know that it was very rare at that time and therefore I did not make an effort to get some good shots.  Sadly, this place is destroyed and is under redevelopment for a condomium. I wonder whether this species can still be found in Singapore.

(Chestnut Ave, 1 Aug 2009)

(Chestnut Ave, 1 Aug 2009)

PS : I had originally classified this damselfly as “Archibasis melanocyana” which was incorrect. Please see comments by Yi Wei & Tang


4 comments on “Damselfly (20) – Aciagrion hisopa

  1. Hi Yi Wei,
    Thanks for your comments. I am not sure but looking at some of the photos in the internet, you may be right that this is an aciagrion hisopa. Hope someone can double confirm about its id.

  2. It does look like Aciagrion hisopa. Anthony, do you remember its size? Archibasis Melanocyana is bigger than Aciagrion hisopa, which is about the same size as M. arthuri. Could you send me the photos in larger size?

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