Damselfly (24) – Prodasineura Collaris

Family : Protoneuridae

Common Name : Collared Threadtails
Status : Uncommon
Location : Upper Peirce
There are 4 Proidasineura species in Singapore namely Collaris, Humeralis, Interrupta & Notostigma). The blue marking on the head and thorax of Collaris and Notostigma look similar to me and I have difficulty identifying them. My guess is that this is a Collaris based on the white or blue marking on the tip of its tail. Again, I would appreciate it if someone could confirm it.
(Upper Peirce – 31 Dec 2009)

(Side view close-up – Upper Peirce, 31 Dec 2009)

2 comments on “Damselfly (24) – Prodasineura Collaris

  1. This one should be P. collaris. the blue marking on the thorax of P. collaris is quite distinguishable from P. notostigma. Your these photos did not show well the marking. You should have taking it at higher angel. Anyway, the blue marking on the tail is also a characteristic of collaris.

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