Dragonfly (25) – Brachydiplax Chalybea

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Blue Dasher
Status : Common
Location : Singapore Botanical Gardens, Rifle Range Nature Trail, Segar Road

A relatively small-sized species commonly found in ponds. Males are blue in colour with dark patches while females are brown in colour. Female is less common than male. I have seen the female only once. By the way, I have initially thought that this is a Aethriamanta Gracilis. Both look very similar although B. Chalybea is slightly bigger in size.
(Male - Rifle Range Nature Trail, 22 Apr 10)

(Male – Rifle Range Nature Trail, 22 Apr 10)

(Female - Segar Road, 3 Jan 2009)

(Female – Segar Road, 3 Jan 2009)

Dragonfly (24) – Neurothemis Fluctuans

Family : Neurothemis fluctuans
Common Name : Common Parasol
Status : Very common
Location : Almost anywhere in Singapore where there are bushes near ponds, streams, lake, reservoirs, etc.

This is easily one of the most common dragonfly species that you can find in Singapore. They are so common that most of the photographers, me included, would give it a miss when seeing them.

(Male - Venus Drive, 25 Nov 2008)

(Male – Venus Drive, 25 Nov 2008)

(Female - Venus Drive, 24 Oct 2009)

(Female – Venus Drive, 24 Oct 2009)

Dragonfly (23) – Rhyothemis Triangularis

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Sapphire Flutterer
Status : Uncommon
Location : Chestnut Ave, Venus Drive, Eng Neo Ave

Rhyothemis Triangularis is an unmistakable species.  The male has distinct dark metallic blue colour on its wings. Female is similar to the male but the base of its wings are darker.  This uncommon male species was first sighted at Venus Drive but I gave it a miss as I had not started collecting Odonata at that time.  My 2nd sighting was at Chestnut Ave.   I only managed a few record shots before it flew away.

(Male – Chestnut Avenue, 2 Nov 2009)

My 3rd sighting was at Eng Neo Ave but unfortunately, I still did not get nice images of it. I have yet to meet the female. In my opinion, it is best to take from a dorsal view to show its beautiful wings. I shall do that next time.

(Male – Eng Neo Ave, 2010)
My 4th sighting of this species was at Jurong Woods II.  Unfortunately, it was too sensitive to me and I could not get close to it.  I was bitten by a water leeches while chasing for it!  My 5th meeting was at Lornie Trail on 25 Aug 2010 and this time I managed to set a reasonable dorsal view showing the beautiful wings of this dragonfly.

(Lornie Trail – 25 Aug 2010)

Dragonfly (22) – Rhyothemis Obsolescens

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Bronze Flutterer
Status : Uncommon
Location : Chestnut Ave, Rifle Range Nature Trail

This species can be easily identified by its bronze wings and dark marking. Both male and female are similar in appearance. They like to perch under direct sunlight. I have only seen this dragonfly in an open marshes near Chestnut Avenue. Unfortunately, before I could get a better shot of it, the place is now under redevelopment  for private residential purposes.

(Rifle Range Nature Trail - 22 Apr 2010)

(Rifle Range Nature Trail – 22 Apr 2010)

My 2nd sighting of this species was at Rifle Range Nature Trail.  I am glad to capture some improvement shots of it.

(Rifle Range Nature Trail - 22 Apr 2010)

(Rifle Range Nature Trail – 22 Apr 2010)

Dragonfly (21) – Orthetrum Sabina

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Variegated Green Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : West Coast Park, Chinese Gardens, Jurong Woods II, Toa Payoh Town Gardens.

A relatively large dragonfly species. Quite commonly found near ponds. I have seen them at many locations such as Chinese Gardens, West Coast Park, Jurong Woods II, Toa Payoh Town Gardens, etc. The appearance of the male and female is almost identical. They are usually quite skittish and not easy to photograph.

(West Coast Park – 28 Feb 2008)
(West Coast Park – 28 Feb 2008)

Dragonfly (20) – Orthetrum Testaceum

Family : Libellulidae
Common name : Scarlet Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : Singapore Botanical Gardens, Lornie Trail
(Male – Singapore Botanical Gardens)

A common dragonfly often found in ponds. Male has dark brown-coloured thorax with redish abdomen while female is brown with obscure marking. Males are more common than females. The male looks very similar to Orthetrum Chrysis. 
(Mating, Singapore Botanical Gardens – 22 Jan 2008)

Dragonfly (19) – Diplacodes Nebulosa

Family : Libelluidae
Common name : Black-tipped Percher
Status : Uncommon
Location : Chestnut Ave
This is a small-sized dragonfly species and I have only seen it once at Chestnue Avenue. The male is dark blue in colour with small dark patch at the tip of its wings.  The female has light yellowish in colour, quite different from the male.
(Male – Chestnut Avenue, 1 Aug 09)
(Female – Chestnut Avenue, 1 Aug 2009)
(Male – Chestnut Ave, 1 Aug 2009)