Dragonfly (28) – Diplacodes Trivalis (侏儒蜻蜓)

Family : Libelludidae
Common Name : Chalky percher, Blue percher or Ground Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : Wild Wild West, Chestnut Ave, Jurong Woods II, Lornie Trail
This is a relatively small-sized dragonfly that usually prefers to perch lowly on grass. The male has beautiful blue eyes, a blue-grey body with black on the tail. The female has green eyes, greenish body and black markings on its tail. They are quite skittish in the day or late morning. Best time to shoot them is early in the morning while they are probably still sleeping.
(Female – Wild Wild West, 21 Mar 10)
(Female close-up – Wild Wild West, 21 Mar 10)
(Male – Wild Wild West, 8 Jun 08)

(Male close-up – Wild Wild West, 8 Jun 08)

Dragonfly (27) – Pseudothemis Jorina

Family : Libellulidae

Common Name : Banded Skimmer
Status : Uncommon
Location : Upper Peirce, Eng Neo Ave
I have seen this uncommon black and white colour dragonfly at the forest edge of Upper Pierce. There were a few of them flewing non-stop without perching. I was surprised to see one perching quite far up at a small branch. Only managed a few lousy record shots.
(Upper Pierce – 19 Aug 2009)

I saw this dragonfly again at some bushes near Saddle Club (Eng Neo Ave) this morning. Unfortunately, the lighting was too harsh and it flew off before I could manage some improvement shots.

(Saddle Club, Eng Neo Ave – 5 May 2010)

Dragonfly (26) – Camacinia Gigantea

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Sultan
Status : Rare
Location : Bukit Timah Bicycle Trail, Chestnut Ave

My first sighting of this dragonfly species was at Bukit Timah Bicycle Trail.  I did not get any shots as it was flying non-stop.  I thought, at that time, that it was a huge Neurothemis as they share similar colour and pattern. The size of this species is almost double that of Neurothemis.  I spotted it again but this time at Chestnut Ave Bicycle Trail and managed some record shots.

(Male – Chestnut Ave, 23 Feb 2009)