Damselflies from Panti Forest

I joined my nature photography friends to Panti Forest today. There were 15 of us, 10 doing birding while the rest of us focused on macro shooting. Panti forest is more well-known for bird watching and photography, so it was really a pleasant surprise to me that there are so many species of damselflies, many of which cannot be found in Singapore.

(Heliocypha biforata, male)

(Libellago stigmatizans, Orange-faced Gem, male)

(Heliocypha biforata, female)

(Pseudagrion pruinosum, Grey Sprite, 赤斑蟌)

(Elattoneura analis)

(Rhinagrion macrocephalum)

6 comments on “Damselflies from Panti Forest

  1. Hello Anthony,The id of the damselflies as below:#1 Heliocypha biforata#2 Libellago stigmatizans#3 Heliocypha biforata/perforata – I am not too good in differentiate the females of many Chlorocyphidae#4 Pseudagrion pruinosum#6 Rhinagrion microphalumBy the way, I was in Panti Forest Reserve on an expedition in 2006. Panti Forest Reserve is truly a paradise for odonate chasers :)best wishes,Ian

  2. Hello Anthony,I forget to mention about the picture #5…..You are right Nappadon, it is indeed Elattoneura. It is an Elattoneura analis. I sampled this species at Panti Forest Reverse in 2006.best wishes,Ian

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