Dragonfly (38) – Macrodiplax Cora

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Coastal Glider
Status : Common
Location : Lornie Trail

M. Cora is a middle-sized dragonfly species with a relatively large head.  The male has a dark brown thorax and its abdomen is red in colour while the female has light orange-yellow thorax and abdomen.  The immatured male looks similar to the female except that its colours is a little darker.  Both sexes have distinguishable thick broken black marking on the upperside of the abdomen. 

(Immatured male – Lornie Trail, 25 Aug 2010)
Although this species is classified as common, strangely, this was my first sighting in my 3 years of chasing dragonflies.  There were 2 of them perching on a dry twig quite a distance from the reservior.  Occasionally, they would fight one another but returned to the same perch.  An easy species to photograph.
(Frontal view – Lornie Trail, 25 Aug 2010)


2 comments on “Dragonfly (38) – Macrodiplax Cora

  1. Beautiful Shot Anthony of the Coastal Glider, very detailed indeed. The Lornie Trail seems a cracking place to spot such a wide variety of Dragonfly species.

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