Dragonfly (41) – Nesoxenia lineata

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Striped Grenadier
Status : Uncommon forest species
Location : Lornie Trail, Venus Drive

According to the “Singapore Dragonfly Book”, this is an uncommon forest species which has been recorded  only in MacRichie Reservior and Kent Ridge.  It looks quite similar to Agrionoptera Insignis especially from the side view.  My way of differiating these 2 species are:

(1) N. Lineata is slightly smaller than A. Insignis;
(2) the dorsum of the thorax of N. Lineata is pale blue in colour; and
(3) for N. Lineata, only abdominal segments 6-8 are red in colour while the abdomen of A. Insignis is red throughout.

From the dorsal view, it also looks a little like the male Agrionoptera Sexlineata.

My first sighting of this species was along Lornie Trail just after the golf link.  It perched quite high up on a twig and I had to fully stretch the tripod on the board walk in order to get an eye level shot.  It stayed there for a long period without moving abit except glancing at me occasionally while I took pictures of it.  I wanted to get a dorsal view but it was too high up for me.

(Lornie Trail – 25 Aug 2010)

My 2nd sighting was at Venus Drive. Again, it was not afraid of me and stayed there for quite a while.

(Venus Drive – 2 Feb 2012)


2 comments on “Dragonfly (41) – Nesoxenia lineata

  1. More great shots Anthony.I love the way some Dragonflies do that, glance whilst being observed, some species seem very curious of us humans and quite tolerant too.

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