Damselfly (28) – Agriocnemis Nana

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Dwarf Wisp
Status : Very rare
Location : Lornie Trail

This is the smallest damselfly in Singapore, a very rare species.  It is about 2 cm, slightly smaller than Agriocnemis Femina.  The thorax and abdomen of the male are blue in colour with black markings.  It looks like a smaller version of the male Pseudagrion Microcephalum.  The female has a greenish yellow with black marking thorax.

(Lornie Trail, 15 Sep 2010)

I spotted this tiny damselfly species at Lornie Trail this morning.  After I took a single shot, a female dragonfly (Acisoma Panorpoides) suddenly came and preyed on it!  The dragonfly ate so fast that within a few minutes, my precious damselfly species was gone.  My friend found a female nearby but before we could capture it, it flew away.  As this species was very small in size, it was extremely difficult to re-locate it.  A real pity that I did not photograph this species well 😦

(Eaten by a dragonfly – 15 Sep 2010)

Afternote : I revisited Lornie Trail on 20 Oct 2010 and I sighted one male around the same area.  I was happy to capture some improvement shots this time round.

(Male – Lornie Trail, 20 Oct 2010)

As of 2012, I have never seen this species anywhere else in Singapore except at Lornie Trail.  In Malaysia, it can be found at a wetland near Endau Rompin State Park.

(Male – Endau Rompin State Park, 28 Jul 2012)

(Possibly a teneral female – Endau Rompin State Park, 28 Jul 2012)


6 comments on “Damselfly (28) – Agriocnemis Nana

  1. That is interesting! I have been seeing a lot of pictures been taking around this time of the year showing dragonflies feeding on dragonflies as well as damselflies, I wonder if its seasonal – like young ones feeding off these to obtain better nutrition or what?

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