Damselfly (29) – Pseudagrion Pruinosum ( 赤斑蟌)

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Grey Sprite
Status : Uncommon forest species
Location : Panti Forest, Malaysia

This uncommon damselfly was first recorded in Singapore in 1997.  The male has a pale greyish blue thorax with brown eyes.  A middle-sized species with a relatively long abdomen.  The female is said to be quite different from the male in that it has an olive-green eyes and thorax.  The male is not really an attractive species in my view but what is quite unique about it, is that it has an unmistakeable orange-brown face.

(Male – Panti Forest, 15 May 2010)

This male P. Pruinosum was spotted in a grass patch near an open small stream in Panti Forest, Johor.  A cooperative species that allowed me to get a close-up side view.  I should have taken a frontal close-up showing its unique orange face.  I wish I could spot this species, both the males and female, in Singapore soon.

(Male close-up – Panti Forest, 15 May 2010)

Reference : A photographic guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore


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