Dragonfly (42) – Pornothemis starrei

Family : Libelluidae
Common Name : Mangrove Marshal
Status : Rare
Location : Punggol Forest

According to the Singapore Dragonflies Book, this is a rare mangrove dragonfly species spotted only at Pulau Ubin, Mandai & Lim Chu Kang.  The male has a black thorax & abdomen with dull greenish blue eyes. Females are said to have olive-coloured thorax.

(Male – Punggol Forest, 13 Nov 2010)

During this morning’s macro outing with many of my friends at Punggol forest, we were lucky to spot 2 males at a small muddy stream.   The surrounding was quite dark and this species preferred to perch lowly just above the water making it difficult to shoot.  Fortunately, it was quite cooperative allowing us to take some record shots.From the dorsal view, it looks like a bigger version of Chalybeothemis fluviatilis.  I hope I did not identify this species wrongly.

(Dorsal view – 13 Nov 2010)


2 comments on “Dragonfly (42) – Pornothemis starrei

  1. Welcome back Anthony.Well done for managing to capture a couple of nice record shots of this lesser seen species.Dragonfly season is over now it's winter here in the UK (sad face), unlike Singapore where the conditions are good for them all year round. Lucky you!

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