Dragonfly (44) – Potamarcha congener

Family : Libellulidae 
Common Name : Common Chaser
Status : Common
Location : Jalan Bahar Wasteland, Tampines Eco Park

This species is classifed as common and widespread in Singapore.  But strangely, this is my first sighting of a male, Potamarcha congener at a wasteland near Jalan Bahar.  I have not seen anyone else photographing it except in Mr Tang Hung Bun’s Book.  A skittish species and I had to put on my 2xTC to get this record shot.  It flew off after a few shots.

(Male, Jalan Bahar's Wasteland - 14 May 2011)

I saw my friend photographed this species, both male and female, at the recently opened Tampines Eco Park and decided to try my luck.  To my surprise, there were quite a no. of males & females perching near 3 small ponds.  The females were relatively cooperative and I am happy to get some decent shots.

(Female, Tampines Eco Park - 2 June 2011)

The males were again skittish but I could approach a little closer this time compared to my first encounter.  Still not a good shot but I am confident that I would get improvement shots when I visit Tampines Eco Park again!

(Male, Tampines Eco Park - 2 June 2011)