Damselfly (35) – Ceriagrion chaoi

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Fiery Coraltail
Status : Rare
Location : Bishan Park, Segar Road

My first sighting of this rare species was in 2008 at the forest edge near Segar Road. I didn’t had a good shot of the whole damselfly then as I was still new in macro photography. It was quite cooperative and I managed to take a close-up shot.


My friend, CT Lim, spotted it again at SBG in Sep 2010. He kindly shared with me the exact location but it could not be found. I were excited when I learned that Mr Tang Hung Bun sighted it at Bishan Park. This time, Ong, Allan & I were lucky to have a slightly improvement shot of this beauty.

(Bishan Park – August 2012)