Damselflies – Cleaning Behaviours

I have seen on a few occasions where damselflies cleaning its eyes with their forelegs.   Surely this must be to restore good vision by removing dirt etc.

(Female Pseudagrion australasiae – cleaning its eyes)

(Female Euphaea ochracea – cleaning its eyes)

On other times, they would curve their abdomen downwards using their hindlegs to clean the appendages at the end of the abdomen as shown below.   Cleaning the appendages must be important because the male is dependant on them to grab the females pronotum, when he is reproducing, i.e. mating.

(Male Euphaea impar – cleaning its appendages)

(An immature femail Agriocnemis femina cleaning its appendages)

If you have other thoughts on why their perform the above acts, please share with me.


2 comments on “Damselflies – Cleaning Behaviours

  1. Stunning Macro shots as usual Anthony, so much in focus! do you manage to overcome the depth of field problem by shooting the damselflies parallel to your focal plane?

  2. Sorry for the late reply
    Yes, I would usually try to shoot damselflies parallel to the focal plane. F8 is usually to get the whole damselfly in focus. For situation where it is not possible to do so, I would use a smaller aperture such as F11 or F16. I would also try the stacking method.

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