Dragonfly (48) – Gynacantha basiguttata

Family : Aeshnidae
Common Name : Spoon-tailed Duskhawker
Status : Rare
Location : Mandai Forest

This is a huge dragonfly that is rarely seen in Singapore. It is generally encountered feeding at dawn and dusk and spends most of the day hanging from tree branches.  At the end of the abdomen is a pair of long and thin superior appendages, expanded at the tips to form a small spoon, hence, its common name is known as Spoon-tailed Duskhawker.


(Female, Mandai forest, 19 December 2015)

This female specimen was spotted at a dimly forested area in Mandai. Very difficult to spot as its colour blends well with the dark surrounding. A skittish species where we could photograph some record shots only from a distance of 2 metres. It flew away when we tried to get a closer look of it.

I am still happy to have added a new dragonfly species in my collection after a 15 months’ break!

Reference : A photographic guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore