Damselfly (27) – Podasineura Interrupta

Family : Protoneuridae
Common Name : Interrupted Threadtail
Status : Uncommon forest species
Location : Endau-Rompin Natural Park, Malaysia

This is an uncommon damselfly that frequents dark forest streams.  In Singapore, it can only be found in Central Catchment and Bukit Timah Nature Reserves but I have not seen one here yet. 

(Male – Endau-Rompon National Park, 31 Aug 2010)
My first encounter with this species was at Panti forest, Malaysia but I didn’t get any shots of it as I was busy shooting other species.  This was my 2nd sighting and it was spotted recently at a stream in Endau-Rompin National Park. 
(Side view – 31 Aug 2010)
The thorax of the male has nice bright blue bands on it as seen in the above image.  The upper part of the eyes is black and blue colour at the bottom half.
(Dorsal view – 31 Aug 2010)
One way to identify this species is to check the distinctive blue dorsal markings on it abdominal segments 9-10.  Also, there are two blue marks on the head near the eyes.  I hope to meet one in Singapore soon.

Damselfly (26) – Dysphaea Dimidiata

Family : Euphaeidae
Common Name : Black Velvetwing
Status : Extinct in Singapore
Location : Endau-Rompin National Park, Malaysia
According to the “Dragonflies of Singapore” book, this black with a slight purplish-coloured damselfly was already extinct in Singapore long ago.  This was photographed during my recent trip to Endau-Rompin National Park in Eastern Malaysia.  It was quite big is size and liked to perch on rocks in clear stream.  This male was quite skittish and I took quite sometimes to have finally got a decent shot of it.
(Male – Endau-Rompin National Park, Malaysia – 31 Aug 2010)

Dragonfly (31) – Trithemis Festiva

Family : Libellulidae

Common Name : Indigo Dropwing
Status : Common
Location : Venus Drive

Trithemis Festiva is not really an uncommon species as I have seen them a few times at the stream near the entrance of Venus Drive.  They love to perch under strong sunlight and are quite active in the late morning.  Thus, getting a good shot of them is not easy.  This record shot was taken more than 1.5 years ago and it is a shame that I have not been able to get improvement shots of this beauty since then.

(Venus Drive – 6 Jan 2009)
Spotted this dragonfly at a stream in Endau-Rompin National Park.
(Endau-Rompin National Park – 31 Aug 2010)

Damselfly (23) – Libellago Aurantiaca

Family : Chlorocyphidae
Common name : Fiery Gem
Status : Rare

Location : Upper Peirce, Endau Rompin National Park

Libellago is the most unique genus in Singapore with its wings longer than the body. They are rare, beautiful and require pristine habitat. Their behaviour is fascinating too. There are only three Libellago species in Singapore checklist, one of which (Libellago Stigamtizans) is already extinct here.

(Upper Peirce – 7 Dec 2009)

Although Libellago Aurantiaca is less rarer that Hyalina (see my previous post), it is my most wanted species to photograph. I pariticularly like its vibrant colour of red and yellow and I have been searching for more than a year. So you can imagine how happy I was when I finally saw one at Upper Pierce, the same place where I shot the Hyalina. They love to perch lowerly, just above the water making it difficult to get a good angle. I only managed a good record shot.  I have visited this place many times subsequently but this beautiful damselfly could not be found anymore.

Afternote : I finally got an improvement shot of this species but in Singapore.  This was taken at a swift flowing stream at Endau Rompin National Park.

(Endau Rompin National Park – 3 Oct 2010)