Dragonfly (46b) – Idionyx yolanda, male

In the book of Dragonflies of Singapore, Idionyx Yolanda was mentioned that “It is listed as a critically endangered species in the Singapore Red Data Book, but the present knowledge suggests a less threaten status.” I agree with this observation as I have seen this pretty species on five occasions since 8 June 2013. Once in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and four times in Venus Drive. However, I had spotted the male only once which was at Venus Drive yesterday.


(Dorsal view – Venus Drive, 29 Sep 2014)

Here is a side view shot.


(Side view – Venus Drive, 29 Sep 2014)

I am glad to have finally photographed both the male and female of this rare dragonfly.


Unknown Damselfly – Amphicnemis gracilis or Amphicnemis bebar?

During my recent trip to Nee Soon Swamp Forest, a damselfly that I have never seen before was spotted near a small stream. My initial thought was that it could be a new species and this got me excited. It disappeared for a while but after some thorough search, I managed to get some record shots.

(Female - Nee Soon Swamp Forest, 20 Oct 2012)

(Female – Nee Soon Swamp Forest, 20 Oct 2012)

(Female – Nee Soon Swamp Forest, 20 Oct 2012)

After careful examination, it looks a little like the red form immature female Amphicnemis gracilis. As a male Amphicnemis gracilis was found nearby (about 2 metres away), I concluded that it could be another different colour form female A. graclis.

Male Amphicnemis gracilis – Nee Soon Swamp Forest, 20 Oct 2012)

I emailed to Mr Tang Hung Bun to seek his advise that his reply was “Since the location is Nee Soon, it can either be A. bebarn or A. gracilis. Females of these two species are difficult to separate.”.

According to the Publication dated 22 Dec 2011 by NUS, Amphicnemis species are very similar to each other in appearance and thus cannot be identified with certainty based solely on colour markings.

Amphicnemis bebar was last collected in 1994, and has not been seen in Singapore since.