My name is Anthony Quek.  I love nature and have taken up nature photography as my hobby in October 2007.

Dragonflies and Damselflies are one of my favourite subjects and I would like to dedicate this blog on these beautiful creatures. Most of the information including their IDs are extracted from experienced bloggers such as Mr C. Y. Choong (Malaysia) & Mr Noppadon Makbun (Thailand).  In particular, I often refer to Mr Tang Hung Bun’s A photographic guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore Book and I have sought his advice many times especially when I have difficulties identifying some confusing dragonfly species.


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  1. Hi Anthony,

    I’m also into naturephotography, and even into odonata! I live in Holland, so I’m very interested in the odonata that you spot, in SIngapore, several thousands of kilometres away. Interesting photographs and information! Currently I’m putting my pictures of odonata in Holland one by one on my new website http://www.dolfsiebert.nl, in case you ‘re interested.


  2. Hi Dolf,

    Thank you for dropping by. You have a nice collection of nature pictures. Yes, I would love to see dragonflies and damselflies from all over the world including your beautiful country, Holland!


  3. Hi Anthony,

    I live in the UK and I enjoy seeing and photographing odonata too. You have some beautiful photographs on here and I shall look forward to following your blog. I am hoping to come and see some of your fabulous dragons and damsels for myself sometime soon. Is there a particular time of year which is good or are they around all year? Here in the UK we only see them during the summer months and into the autumn.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Throughout the year, the climate in Singapore is nearly the same ranging from 23 to 31 degree celsius. Therefore, we can find dragonflies and damselflies in Singapore all year round.

    It is always nice to meet people around the world who share the same interest. So, do let me know when you are here in Singapore. I can show you some of the best places in Singapore to photograph odonata.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi Anthonymy name is Bo. What amazing photos You have taken. I got the “dragonfly virus” 3 years ago, and getting a Canon 600D opened a whole new and fantastic world for me. I have been touring Portugal, Spain, India and Sri lanka and of cause Denmark looking for dragonflies to photograph. And Now I go to Singapore in November.I would love to get some advice, if You have time to tell me, where to go, how to go there and when ! You can see my dragonflypics here:


    Still trying to improve my skills and know I have a long way to go,-but what an exciting way !! Hope to hear back from You.
    Best regards Bo

    • Dear Bo,

      Thanks for dropping by. You have a very good collection of dragonflies and damselflies! The 2 best places to photograph dragonflies & damselflies in Singapore are Lornie Trail & Venus Drive. I will give you the details nearer to the dates when you would be in Singapore. If time permits, I could bring you along to these places.


  6. Thank You for replying so fast. I will most certainly be in Singapore last week of October and first week of November this year- at least 2 weeks, after being more than a month in Nepal and India. After Singapore I go 3 weeks to Sri lanka Again. I would really feel honered to recieve You advice and help in Singapore. I see You also have been a involved in “Dragonflies of Singapore ” My favorite bedtime reading in those cold wintermonths in Denmark ! Now we just wait for the dragonfly season to start in Denmark, and it proberbly will start this upcomming weekend with the wonderful Pyrrhosoma nymphula and Leucorrhinia rubicunda ( http://www.bo-cph.dk/dragonflies/danishones/large%20red%20damsel.html ) How is the botanical garden in Singapore ? Those Places I aften find very good Places to find dragonflies and damselflies. The one in Kandy,-sri Lanka, is fantastic. Well have a wonderful Easter. Cheers Bo

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