Damselfly (21) – Mortonagrion Arthuri

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Arthur’s Midget
Status : Rare
Location : Pulau Ubin

This damselfly species was first spotted on 11 Sep 2009 during a macro outing at Pulau Ubin.  There were about 4 males and a female perching near the edge of the mangrove swamp.  I only managed some record shots of them as I did not stay long due to too many mosquitoes attacking me.

(Male – Pulau Ubin, 26 Oct 2009)

When I sent the images to Mr Tang Bun Hung for idenitification, he said that he has only seen this species in mangrove areas in Singapore. As for male Mortonagrion arthuri, he has only seen a specimen soaked in alcohol, collected in traps by Dr Patrick Grootaert in Singapore earlier this year.  Although he was confident with his initial indentification, upon his request, I bought him to Pulau Ubin on 26 Oct 09 to further study this species.  His identification is correct.

(Female – Pulau Ubin, 26 Oct 2009)

(Female close-up – Pulau Ubin, 26 Oct 2009)

Dragonfly (15) – Unidentified dragonfly

This cooperative dragonfly was spotted at Pulau Ubin. It perched on a twig about 20 metres from a seashore directly under the hot sun. This was my first time seeing this species. I searched the internet for its ID but couldn’t manage to find. I had to email to Mr Tang Hung Bun to request his assistance. His initial indentification is that it is probably an aged female Pornothemis starrei. After consulting his friend, they are of the opinion that it could be a new discovery.

(Pulau Ubin – 12 Sep 2009)

On 26 Oct 09, I brought Mr Tang Hung Bun & 2 officers from National Parks to Pulau Ubin to search for this dragonfly as they need more inforation in order to confirm the ID.  Unfortunately, we could not find it at the location where I found this species previously.

(Side view)

(Dorsal view)