A Book on Dragonflies of Singapore

A photographic guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore was officially launched on 2 August 2010. The book is published by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research of the National University of Singapore, and is co-authored by Tang Hung Bun, Wang Luan Keng and Matti Hämäläinen. The following is a short paragraph about the book:

“In 1854 Alfred Russel Wallace collected 30 dragonfly species from Singapore. Since then a total of 124 species have been recorded within the territorial limits of the nation, including seven new records made just in the last two years. Dragonflies of Singapore covers all these species. Informative textual accounts of all species and large, full-colour photographs of almost every species enable the reader to identify almost any dragonfly encountered in the field. This book is an essential tool to enthusiasts, naturalists and general readers who wish to learn about dragonflies. At the same time, it captures quintessentially their sublime and ephemeral beauty.”

I am glad to receive a complimentary copy on 19 Aug 2010 from the Authors as I have contributed one of my damselflies photos in the book.  A very well written book with nice, colourful pictures of all 124 dragonflies species.  With such a quality book, it is not expensive at S$22. 

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, it is now available for order at this nature bookstore.